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Bullying, What it is and What to do About it!


Bullying, What it is and What to do about it!

Bullying is described by law Bullying 48900 as any specific type of aggression that is verbal, physical or psychological.  It is behavior that is intended to harm or disturb.  It is carried out repeatedly and over time.  It is an imbalance of power, physical and or psychological.  It can also be cyberbullying.  That is with the use of modern communication technologies such as email, instant messaging, chat rooms, web sites, social networking sites, cell phones and other forms of technology.  It is meant to intentionally embarrass, humiliate, threaten or intimidate an individual or group. 

All schools are required by this new Bullying Law, AB 9 to do the following: 

All credible incidents are reported.

The report is submitted to the administration within 24 hours.

Administrator determines if bullying has occurred.

Within three school days, incident is investigated.

If not bullying, educate for future.

If bullying has occurred, plan for victim and perpetrator is developed separately.

Incident is documented.

Staff at Westmore will have bullying training on May 1, 2013.  Campus supervisors at Westmore Oaks have already had this bullying training in April, 2013.  All staff will have access to the new district documentation forms which will be on the staff website.  Copies of the training notes will also be available for all staff on the staff website.  All incidents of bullying will be reported. 

To get a look at the AB9 forms you can look in the locker on this Parent page.  The forms are in English, Russian and Spanish.


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Antibullying Website!

Stop Bullying.com

Look on this GREAT website for more information!! 

Kids http://www.stopbullying.gov/kids/index.html via @StopBullyingGov

Antibullying Video

Antibullying Video


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